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The Little Tibet offers the possibility to practice many activities, suitable for all needs and for all seasons of the year.
Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday: discover with us all that Livigno can offer you!

Mountainbike a Livigno

Mountain Bike

The Alpine region of Livigno is the flagship of the circuit Alta Rezia, one of the largest international ski dedicated to fat wheels and with a workforce of more than 3,200 km of trails mapped with GPS. For those looking for the MTB simply the pleasure of riding are available paths that FLOW COUNTRY, created in collaboration with Hans Rey, an icon of the MTB world, are a less strenuous practice of cross-country and freeride easier. FREERIDE enthusiasts of all ages, from beginners to experts, they can choose between routes of different levels with walkways through the woods, dishes, ups and downs, steps in the streams, breathtaking jumps and many trails in the bike park.

Running a Livigno


There are numerous paths surrounded by uncontaminated nature, ideal for running in Livigno. You just need to choose a path to go and leave! Livigno is perfect for professional runners and enthusiasts: there are different routes with different gradients, duration and type of terrain! If you don’t want to move from the center, you can opt for the 15 km cycle path that runs along the river Spöl up to the lake of Livigno, where you can give yourself a regenerating break before another run.

Aquagranda Livigno


The first integrated wellness center in Europe. The property boasts a unique and original style, seamlessly integrated with the different souls of the Water Club, fitness, wellness, beauty stations are a route to the pleasure and well-being. At Aquagranda Livigno you can enjoy experiences of relaxation and regeneration and continue with treatment, remedies and therapies of the alpine environment, regeneration and spiritual fitness that you started in our mountains. The Black Pool, has been designed to offer the best of both children and adults, combining wellness with healthy recreation indoor-outdoor, sauna and turkish bath whirlpool areas, water jets and waterfalls, baby pool with slide, room games.
Thermarium & Beauty
In a relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy a full wellness program consists of a Finnish sauna with access to terrace, bath, thalassotherapy pool, turkish bath, bio-sauna with hay herbal fragrances, aroma showers and frigidarium.
Athletes who wish to train at high altitude or just athletes who believe that sport contributes to the welfare of your body will find a large fitness room and a semi-Olympic swimming pool.

Trenino Rosso del Bernina

Bernina Express

A small train which scales the mountain. This spectacular train run starts in Tirano, the last train station of the line Milan - Tirano, and ends in St.Moritz. The Bernina Express climbs 70% inclines to an altitude of 2,253 m with views over the Morteratsch glacier and the Bernina group - it is possible to see the glacier closer by getting off at the "Diavolezza" stop and taking the cable car ride to the top (departures every 20/30 minutes).

info and price

Larix Park Livigno

Larix Park

A new generation of amusement parks, where it is suspended in mid-air on old plants meet the sky and adventure. Equipped with 4 long tracks suspended between trees, for everyone to explore, play and learn in an age-old larch forest, crossing logs, Nepalese bridges, ropes and wooden walkways you can have fun and arrive safely up to 15 meters of height suspended in the air. The LARIX PARK - Livigno includes the following routes: - FUCHSIA path, reserved for children aged 2-3 to 6-7 years, under the direct supervision and exclusive of a parent or legal guardian; - Yellow and Green courses for adults, teenagers and children - at arm extended upward with the palm of the hand-reach a height of at least 140 cm; - Path BLUE for adults, teens and children - at arm extended upward - with the palm of the hand to reach a minimum height of 170 cm. The park is suitable for adults, teenagers and children can play and climb trees safely, a group of qualified mountain guides will help visitors to overcome their fears and dive into a completely new environment.

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Pesca a Livigno


In the Livigno area the possibilities of practicing sport fishing are numerous. For a comfortable fishing there are the lake of Livigno and the stream Spöl, famous for the abundance of brown trout, grayling, chars. Those who love being in the middle of unspoiled nature will fall in love with the high mountain lakes, ideal for turning a normal fishing day into an unforgettable experience.

Escursioni a Livigno


In Livigno you can enjoy a great excursion ring surrounded by nature. The mountain is a BIG GYM NATURAL endless possibilities for physical activity both during the winter season, the snow, and during the summer months. All you need are a pair of boots and a backpack. The rest are here in Livigno, where GUIDE ALPINE offer many interesting excursions: from day trips to long routes with the possibility of sleeping in shelters, from picnics to watch the FLORA AND FAUNA explorations of peaks high. And wherever you are, you can go down to the valley and back to the village immediately by public transport free of charge. Go to the interactive map trekking, with the ability to print the roadbook with a map, travel time, length, elevation profiles, and much more!

Golf a Livigno


The renowned Golf Training Area of Livigno is the highest artificial golf in Europe, with over 10,000 square meters of area consisting of three modular holes with various difficulties, a driving range of 250 meters and a pitch and putt area. The structure offers the possibility for sportsmen and not to be able to train in a unique environment, immersed in the alpine panorama.

Moto a Livigno


The curves and the hairpin curves seem not to ever end but for the passionate it is actually this that attracts one to the mountain circuits, though passes that surpass 2000mt. Positioned in the heart of the Alps, Livigno is at the center of some of the most attractive ascents of the Alps. Before departing we suggest you to fill up with duty free fuel!! Here some of the best tours:

Livigno, Zernez, Susch, Fluela Pass, Davos, Cunter, Julier Pass, Silvaplana, St. Moritz, Zernez, Livigno - km 208

§ - Livigno, Tirano, Trivigno, Aprica, Ponte di Legno, Santa Caterina Valfurva,, Bormio, Livigno - Km 196

§ - Livigno, Bernina, Pontresina, Chiavenna, Varenna, Bellagio, Cernobbio, Morbegno, Tirano, Livigno - Km 389

§ - Livigno, Premadio, Passo Stelvio, Spondigna, Fuldera, Livigno - Km 149

Debora Apartments

Ideal for those are seeking a peaceful holiday, but without forgetting fun and entertainment.

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